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About Compression Fractures

What is Osteoporosis?      back to main

Osteoporosis is a disease of bone that leads to a decrease in bone density and an increased risk of fracture. Undetected, osteoporosis can lead to spinal fractures, or vertebral compression fractures (VCF), as a result of normal daily activities like picking up a box or stepping off a curb.

When the fracture is not treated, it can lead to loss of height and a spinal deformity called kyphosis, sometimes referred to as of a rounding or “hump” in the back (a Dowager’s hump). A person who has experienced a single spinal fracture is at greater risk of subsequent fractures.

Approximately eight million women and two million men in the United States suffer from osteoporosis. Additionally, nearly 34 million people have low bone mass and are at an increased risk of osteoporosis, making it one of the most common health issues in the United States.2

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